Summer Jewellery Trends to Shop

Summer Jewellery Trends to Shop

There are plenty of summer jewellery trends to choose from this year. As the warm days and nights grow shorter, we look forward to wrapping up in our favorite jewellery pieces to complete our look for the day. With a range of summer sets available to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to suit your needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest summer jewellery trends that are making their presence felt.

One of the most popular trends for the summer is of course jewellery with bright, vivid colors.

Bright oranges, reds, yellows and even blues are all in fashion right now. Some of the most popular summer jewellery sets include rings, pendants, bangles and earrings that have intense, eye-catching colors. Summer fashion also includes more traditional jewellery pieces in gold and silver which are slowly making a comeback.

Another popular trend for the summer is of course jewellery in the bright, cheerful colors of the rainbow. If you love colorful jewellery, then you are in for a treat this summer. From sparkling diamonds and colored crystal pieces to cheerful hued beads and more natural stones, there’s no shortage of great colors to choose from this summer. From simple, straightforward pieces to more whimsical ones, you’re sure to find the right jewellery to suit your personal style. And from modern pieces to more classical pieces, there’s no shortage of summer jewellery trends to suit your taste.

Summer jewellery trends also include less obvious jewellery wear such as bangle bracelets.

These can be worn with more conservative clothes as they are really quite casual and don’t need to be covered up when you want to wear them. Alternatively, some bangle bracelets are designed with intricate details giving them an elegant, sophisticated look that can be paired with more dressy outfits. Wearing a simple bracelet or choker on a day out can make you look stylish without being over the top, so if you’re looking for jewellery to wear with your next outing, then bangle bracelets may be worth a look.

Gemstones are also proving popular with jewellery trends for the summer.

The growing popularity of sapphire jewellery has seen a recent resurgence in interest in semi-precious gems. Many semi-precious gemstones are now offered in cuts, which allow them to be worn in more intricate shapes than before, and there are some really striking, modern designs available. Sapphire is particularly popular as a semi-precious stone that can be cut into gorgeous chunky pieces that look great with casual clothing and skirts. Whether you choose to wear sapphire jewellery by itself, with a matching tie, or as a part of a more structured outfit, you can bet that sapphire will make an impact on people’s eyes.

Summer Jewellery Trends to Shop For

Inexpensive jewellery is also proving popular, even among those who would traditionally have stayed away from expensive jewellery. Summer is traditionally a season when we can expect to pay more for our jewellery. However, there’s still a lot to choose from, meaning that there’s a good chance that you won’t be paying over the odds. Many affordable jewellery pieces are proving popular during the summer months, with lots of jewelers producing unique and unusual jewellery for every day of the summer.

From simple, plain stud earrings to elaborate beaded bracelets, you can enjoy the opportunity to pick up something special for less, making it easier for you to fit your jewellery budget around other aspects of your lifestyle. If you’re interested in buying jewellery that you’ll be able to wear all year round, rather than just for certain seasons, then you’ll find that cheaper jewellery is just as fashionable as more expensive jewellery – and many of the best deals can be found online.

There are a number of other jewellery trends that you should keep an eye on.

Firstly, due to the high number of jewellery pieces that are designed specifically for Summer months, you should avoid wearing your traditional summer jewellery with items of summer dress wear. Whilst some of your outfits will suit the jewellery, for example, your bracelet might not look quite right with your jeans, or your necklace could be overly obvious if you wear a knee-length dress. Instead, focus on wearing accessories that match the overall style of your outfit, helping to balance out your jewellery and give you a polished look that isn’t too overstated.

As well as these three trends mentioned above, there’s also another one that has been growing in popularity: beach jewellery. Beach jewellery is ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd, without looking too odd or desperate for attention. This type of jewellery is usually made from fake pearls and other natural materials, which give it the unique look of a sea going flapper or a seductive lady in a bikini. With jewellery trends such as these, you’re sure to stand out this Summer for all the right reasons!