3 Fun Fox Eye Makeup Ideas

3 Fun Fox Eye Makeup Ideas

One of the best looks for Halloween or any time is the all-natural fox eye shadow. It can be worn alone, over a brownish foundation, or as an accent color on brown, black, or brown-colored eyes. There are several colors that can be incorporated into this makeup look to accomplish the desired effect. The colors are simple, yet effective.

For the base, you’ll need eyeshadow, a brush, and a liquid eyeliner. Next, use a bit of mineral powder, such as stearic acid, on the inside corners of your eyes. This will help the natural fox eye makeup look come together and last all day.

Next, use your finger to create a line from the base of your finger up to the tip of your ear. Brush your eyeliner in upward strokes only; don’t apply your makeup to your entire face at once. Also, remember not to line your entire eyelid with your liner. Continue lining your lid in light, even strokes until your eye look completely natural. You may also want to use a highlight stick to highlight areas of your face that you want to brighten up.

To complete your natural fox makeup look, add a highlight to your eyelid. Using a dark brush, smudge some shimmer primer onto your eyelids to make a darker area. Then, apply a second coat of shimmer primer onto your eyelids to create a brighter glow. Finish your look off with black mascara. These eye makeup ideas will give you an amazing look!

Now, you’ve got to get your fox eyes ready for action. A beautiful look can be achieved by applying green eyeshadow onto your upper and lower lids. For a daytime look use a soft dusty grey or copper color along the length of your lashes. For an evening look use a gold shade over the lid and darker shade on the lower lashes to create a dramatic look. For a natural look, try using green eyeshadow along the length of your lashes and blend these colors together. Remember that your fox makeup will look best on you if you choose colors that are complimentary to your natural skin tone and height.

Don’t forget that when it comes to fox eye makeup ideas, safety is a priority. Make sure that your eyeliners, eye liners, mascara are all water-based and hypoallergenic. If you are not sure what type of products you should be using on your eyes, consult a medical professional. Also, keep in mind that after applying any type of product onto your eyes, you must gently press your thumbs into the eyelids to remove any excess.